Business Start-Up


Learn to Succeed Where Many Fail

Starting a new business is an exciting moment in any entrepreneur’s life, precisely when accounting and tax aspects are most crucial and yet easily overlooked. This point of departure lays the foundation and sets the direction for your business’s future. All this can be complicated and overwhelming for any individual. That is why you don’t want to tackle it alone.

Argento CPA deals with many startup businesses and our goal is to guide you in the right direction from start to finish. We work closely with our entrepreneurs to ensure your business is structured properly and cloud accounting systems are set in place, in addition to covering all your bases with the CRA. We will take the time to discuss your business, giving you the advice you need to be successful.

The initial consultation is aimed to give you an idea of what to expect as the owner of a small business. We will inform you of all the administrative, financial, and tax aspects of running a business. This means giving direction on cloud accounting and online bookkeeping technology, management, tax awareness, financial planning, and operations.

We will help you with:

  • Design and introduction of cloud accounting systems and tech stack
  • Incorporation and registration of a new business
  • Advice on the most tax efficient business structure
  • Design and introduction of accounting systems
  • Business planning
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Financial statements

During our consultation, we will discuss with you the many tax-traps people commonly fall into with the CRA and guide you on how to avoid them. Working with you, we can help you avoid these pitfalls – pitfalls which can end up being costly, time-consuming, and threatening to the future of your business.

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